Commands V1

What is it?

Commands V1 is more complex and powerful way of organizing of content comparing to buttons:

  • Commands work at all menu levels.
  • You can navigate with commands to the upper menu level.
  • You can make complex menu structure and transitions using commands.

How do I create custom commands?

To create your own commands, follow these easy steps:

  1. Just go to your bot and type /chatfuel.
  2. Tap ? Commands V1 and type a command name (e.g. /random_image).
  3. Add at least one answer to this command (you can always change it later).

Now your command /random_image is ready. And now you can tune it.

How do I tune my command?

After creating a command, you can:

  • Add as many command results as you want with ? Add answer
  • See and delete results with ? List answers
  • Place command buttons in the menu with ? Edit keyboard
  • Put buttons on the top menu level with ? Main menu button