User Input

The User input plugin helps you to collect input from your user for further use.

User input has four different outputs:

  • Email — You receive an email on each completion of the plugin.
  • Callback — When the plugin is completed your server will receive a callback with the answers. For this both the GET and POST methods are supported.
  • Show URL — If you want your user to be linked to a specific web page based on his answers, choose this variant. The parameters will then be appended to the link.
  • Save Parameters — This will turn the parameters into global attributes for further use in your bot. A plugin which supports this is for example JSON API. There you can use parameters in the URL to generate different results.

After each completion of the User Input» we by default send this text card to your bot’s users, but this can be deleted or customised in the dashboard.

The User Input plugin can collect images, *.docx, *.xlsx, *.pdf files and all other formats supported my Facebook Messenger.