Bing search

The Bing search plugin is very similar to Google site search, check out this comparison in case you want to know which plugin to choose. It allows you to display target content from your website or search the whole internet without the need to develop a complete JSON API. This makes the whole process of integrating web content into your chatbot much easier. Bing, same as Google, crawls websites for new content very regularly, which results in swift updates of your bots content.

One thing we love, is that the plugin supports parameters provided by the User Input plugin. This is great to provide search functionality and show your users the exact content they are looking for.

Here’s an example of what this could look like:


You can:

  • use Image Title to define a text to show on the image of the last card
  • set up the amount of items to show in the gallery
  • allow users to subscribe to their search results (use the Digest plugin to deliver the feeds, users have subscribed to)
  • use parameter to add saved parameters in the following fields:
    • Search Request
    • Subscription Management Card Title
    • Image Title

How do I set up the Bing search plugin?

  1. Visit the Bing Search API page and click on Buy or Sign up in the list on the right to choose how many monthly search queries you need and follow the Bing’s signup process.
  2. Click on the My Account tab in header after you signed up for the plan.
  3. Copy the Primary Account Key at the bottom and paste it to the Primary Account Key field in the plugin.
  4. Now you can write a query in the Search Request field in the plugin. You can use parameters from any User Input plugin in your bot. Use this format to if you want to search on your website instead of the whole internet: site: query Add a Subscription Management Title – this text will be shown in the Subscription manager plugin in case a user subscribes to the search results.