Getting started

How do I create a bot?

  1. To get started please click the Create Facebook Bot button on

  2. After logging in via Facebook you can create a new bot and select a template, we recommend the Tutorial bot to get started.

  3. It’s time to edit! You can

    • add content to your bot which can be static text cards or images or powerful plugins which can for example display beautiful galleries from information fetched from another website or feed
    • set up AI rules in the AI Setup to make your bot understand text messages
    • set up broadcasting to send regular digests to your users
  4. You can always test your bot before connecting it to your Facebook page. To do this click on Test your bot in the top right of the dashboard.

  5. Please remember — each Facebook bot needs to be an extension of a Facebook page and can not live without it. You can read more about it here. When you are ready to show your beautiful bot to the world, click on Connect to Facebook and choose a Facebook Page you want to connect your bot to.

  6. Voila, your bot is live! It will reply to any user who messages your page. Check out the Promotion tab to learn about the different ways you can show your bot to the world.