AI Setup

How do I setup the AI?

To make the AI recognise certain phrases and reply with a relevant answer go to the API Setup tab in the dashboard. If you used a template to create your bot, it is likely that a few example rules already exist.

You can set up new rules by clicking on the + button below the existing rules. A new rule block will show up.

Next you will need to enter phrases which should trigger a specific response from the bot. These do not need to match the user’s message exactly. E.g. if you enter “show lunch menu” the AI will also trigger that rule if the user asks “Can you show me your lunch menu?”. This comes in very handy, because you definitely don’t want to enter every single possibility of a sentence there is.

After defining the trigger you need to give the AI a block to go to when it recognises a certain phrase, this you can do at the bottom of the rule block. It will suggest a few existing blocks when you click the text field, but you can also enter the block name yourself.

After doing this you should be all set! Try it out and see if your bot got smarter.